Diablo Immortal: The Haunted Carriage Event Guide

Diablo Immortal guide and mechanics of the event A Haunted Carriage – aka a Ghostly Carriage.

You’ve probably heard about the famous Haunted Carriage in Diablo Immortal (Ghost Carriage). In the game, a local event of the same name takes place at the Ashwold Cemetery. As soon as you step into the cemetery, the restart time of the event will appear in the tasks section on the left side of the screen.

This event with a Ghost Carriage in Diablo Immortal is worth it to plan your playing time and act clearly on schedule. If you are an active player and take the game seriously, then try to catch several of these events, but with different difficulties, in order to collect rewards from all levels of difficulty.

It’s simple, keep in mind that if you approach the carriage even at the end of its route, and at least once hit the Tax Collector so that he receives damage greater than zero, then you will still receive a reward in the form of 6 units of enchanted dust, and possibly a random legendary item.

Haunted Carriage Event Mechanics

  • In Diablo Immortal, an event with a carriage will be launched every 2 hours from 9 am to 11 pm server time. In order for the event to start, at least one player must be in the Ashwold Cemetery area;
  • The carriage route describes a semicircle around the central part of the map. The cart starts at the Ashwold Manor and continues clockwise through The Eastern Gardens, The Outskirts and The Ossuary,
  • The carriage stops several times to summon the undead guards. Being near the carriage after killing the summoned monsters, you get gold and 2 pieces of equipment (mostly garbage). By killing the guards quickly, you speed up the movement of the carriage;
  • The Tax Collector is a purple elite monster that appears at the end of the route. You have to hit the tax collector at least once to get rewards from him.


If this is your first walkthrough in the chain (if you farm by changing difficulty levels), approach the Ashwold Cemetery a few minutes early to escort the ghost crew along its full route to get additional equipment at all stops. In the zone, in the course of the carriage movement, there are also several quests that can be completed to obtain additional Enchantment Dust. But take the quest only if you have enough time to complete it and get to the tax collector before he dies.

You can always return to the taken quest after the event is over. Keep in mind that often a Tax Collector dies almost instantly after appearing when a crowd of players simultaneously attacks him, so it is important to be among the first to beat him, or just get in at least once. If you don’t hit it once, you won’t get anything. To guarantee to “tag” him and deal him at least 1 unit of damage or more, which guarantees a reward, during the appearance of the Tax Collector, start using your skills, and such as AoE, and even better, energy-consuming skills that cause continuous damage (for example, rays from a Magician).

What is the Result

What is the value of the Ghost Carriage event in Diablo Immortal, is it worth farming a card in the game? This event is worth planning your schedule taking into account the schedule of other events. Ideally, you need to go through several events at different difficulty levels. Even if you reach the carriage at the end of its route, you will still receive a quick reward of 6 Enchantment Dust, just enough to hit the final boss.

The main reason why in Diablo Immortal it is highly desirable to pass the “Carriage with Ghosts” event at the Ashwold Cemetery is the drop of dust material, so much necessary for pumping legendary equipment. In addition to the carriage, there are NPCs scattered around the map in the location, which can give local quests, pass which we also recommended, but not to the detriment of other events, if you farm them one by one in time and changing the difficulty.

For example, as an option, you can wait for the carriage in the right place at the final point, where the final monster Tax Collector comes out of it. At first, until you navigate the locations of Diablo Immortal, you can escort the carriage several times in order to understand in practice where its final point of arrival is.


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