Diablo Immortal: Legendary Gems for Barbarian Class Guide

NextGames guide to the best Legendary Gems for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal will tell you which are the strongest Legendary Gems for your Barbarian to use to upgrade your gear. We will also provide links to further in-depth guides on how to acquire and craft Legendary Gems.

Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal are gems that can only be fitted into Primary Slot items with 1 socket available. New players often underestimate the value of Legendary Gems, since the lower-level ones in particular don’t seem to offer much of value. However, they are an important a part of your gearing strategy, and you are leaving power on the table by ignoring them.

For more information about Legendary Gems, please see the following indepth guide. This offers a comprehensive list of all known Legendary Gems in game, as well as links for Crafting and Upgrading Legendary Gems. We’ve also included a link to our Diablo Immortal Build Guide for planning your builds.

Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Best Legendary Gems for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal

While these are our recommendations for the strongest Legendary Gems for Barbarian, there are other options that may fit your playstyle better. Please visit our guide linked above for more information.

Best 1-Star Legendary Gems for Barbarian

1-Star Legendary Gems that may be crafted at the Apprentice Jeweler. You can also get these as drops.

  •  Berserker’s Eye – This gem is just a great overall damage source and is quite strong besides its obvious downside of receiving more damage.
  •  Chained Death – Barbarians are great at applying debuffs quickly, so using  Chained Death makes a lot of sense.
  •  Everlasting Torment – As already said, Barbs deal damage in quick succession, and that applies to critical damage as well, which should keep the damage-over-time effect of this gem basically “on cooldown”.
  •  Seled’s Weakening – An overall solid choice for dealing damage in content that includes a lot of Elite monsters like Rifts.
  •  Trickshot Gem – This gem increases overall skill viability by slowing down Channel skills consumption

Best 2-Star Legendary Gems for Barbarian

All 2-Star Legendary Gems you can craft at the Apprentice Jeweler. These can also be drops.

  •  Lightning Core – This 2-Star gem is easy to obtain and deals a decent amount of damage based on quick Whirlwind attacks.
  •  Unity Crystal – Inspired by the Unity ring of Diablo III,  Unity Crystal will definitely find its place in party or raid play independent of class choice.
  •  Fervent Fang – Thanks to the nature of Whirlwind, Barbarians are able to quickly stack up the damage debuff of  Fervent Fang which makes it a great choice in most endgame situations including boss fights.

There is a 2-Star Legendary Gem that cannot be crafted at the Apprentice Jeweler. It can be earned in the Battle Pass, or looted in a Crested Elder Rift; or crafted randomly via Mystery Legendary Gem Recipe:

Best 5-Star Legendary Gems for Barbarian

5-Star Gems are only available as drops and cannot be crafted, except very rarely through the Mystery Legendary Gems recipe. You may one to hold onto some of them and upgrade them when possible:

  •  Seeping Bile – Most Barbarian builds will revolve around using Whirlwind, a channeled ability that quickly deals damage over time. That also enables Barbarians to reapply  Seeping Bile stacks very quickly and makes the gem the perfect addition to the Barbarian damage toolkit.
  •  Blessing of the Worthy – The main issue as a melee in Diablo Immortal is that you have to get into close combat to deal damage. Thankfully, this gem that deals damage on enemy hits based on maximum Life definitely makes up for some of the clear disadvantages caused by directly whirling into enemy monster groups.
  •  Blood-Soaked Jade – Added damage and increased movement speed – what could a Barbarian want more? A class based around high-mobility damage skills would always want to use  Blood-Soaked Jade, and Barbarians are no exception.
  •  Chip of Stoned Flesh – Stunning enemies as we move in and out of monster groups sounds like a great way to reduce incoming damage, and  Chip of Stoned Flesh does exactly that, proving its worth in gold, especially in endgame situations.
  •  Phoenix Ashes – If there weren’t enough great 5-Start gems for Barbarians already, this one takes the cake: The “Cheat Death” mechanic provided by  Phoenix Ashes will make a Barbarian’s life so much easier for obvious reasons, and even a 5-minute cooldown won’t change that.


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