Diablo Immortal Barbarian Class Guide: Skills & Builds

This NextGmes class overview of the Barbarian in Diablo Immortal will help you determine whether choosing the Barbarian is right for you, your playstyle, and your goals.

Throughout this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to build your Barbarian effectively for optimal performance in Diablo Immortal. We will introduce you to the strengths and weaknesses of the class, stats, skills, important attributes and magical affixes, class-specific gear, gems and Legendary gems, and Paragon Points.

We will also explain how to level a Barbarian and provide an overview of the best end-game builds, as well as highlight our additional Diablo Immortal Class guides for skill selection and rotation, best gems and Legendary gems, gear recommendations, Paragon Points, and builds created around specific gear and different types of endgame play.

Barbarian Overview in Diablo Immortal

The Barbarian in Diablo Immortal defines raw strength by making quick work of his enemies in close combat. But not only that: Much like in other Diablo games, the melee fighter is also able to provide useful group utility like no other class in Immortal.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Barbarian in Diablo Immortal

  • + Fast-paced melee playstyle with high area-of-effect damage output
  • + Great damage and utility supporter in groups
  • Limited defensive options in high-damage situations
  • Lacks single-target damage

If you’re in for incredibly fast and fun melee gameplay, the Barbarian class might just be the right choice. Its high-damage, low-defense approach requires constant attention to your surroundings which will be rewarded by insane damage numbers and clear speed. However, losing focus and momentum even for just a second can result in instant death.

Barbarian Skills in Diablo Immortal

All Barbarians have three types of Skills: Primary Attack, Skills, and Ultimate.

You may have up to 1 Primary Attack and 4 Skills available to you at all times, and these may be switched around while out of combat. Using your Primary Skills charges your Ultimate bar. When the Ultimate bar is full, you can unleash the Barbarian’s Ultimate power against your enemies, and the bar will begin to charge again. A full Ultimate bar will not continue charging until after it’s used.

These abilities open up as they level up through the game, although all classes start out with 1 Primary Attack and 2 Skills to start. The Ultimate powers become available with the Primary powers they modify, one immediately and one when the second Primary power unlocks.

  • Primary Attack: Players learn 2 primary attacks, one at level 1 and one at level 34. Primary Attacks have no cooldowns.
  • Skills: Players learn 12 total Skills, starting with 2 skills at level 1. All skills have cooldowns, ranging from under a second up to nearly a minute.
  • Ultimate: This is a charged power that modifies your selected Primary Skill. This requires a lengthy charge-up to activate.

Barbarian Primary Attacks

Barbarians have 2 Primary Attacks. Using these will charge up the bar for your Ultimate ability.


  • Unlocked: Level 1
  • Description: Launch a series of attacks that deal 2466 to 3551 damage with each hit. Every third hit heals you for 15% of damage done.


  • Unlocked: Level 34
  • Description: Launch a frenzied attack for 2280 damage. Each hit increases Frenzy’s attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Barbarian Ultimate Ability

The Ultimate ability for Barbarian modifies the two Primary Skills, infusing it with devastating power. Which Ultimate skill you will unleash depends on the Primary Attack you have selected for immediate use.

 Blood and Rage

  • Modifies:  Lacerate
  • Description: Enhance  Lacerate for 12 seconds, increasing its healing to 20% of damage done on each attack, increasing its range, and causing every third attack to knock enemies away. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds.

  Restless Demon

  • Modifies:  Frenzy
  • Description: Enhance  Frenzy for 12 seconds, allowing movement while attacking and unhindered movement through enemies, granting Stun immunity, and increasing attack speed as if fully stacked. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your max Life for 3 seconds.

Barbarian Sample Skills

Barbarians have up to 12 skills in addition to their Primary Attacks. Here are three examples of useful Skills:


  • Unlocked: Level 8
  • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
  • Description: Become a whirlwind of steel, continually striking all nearby enemies for 836 damage while moving at 70% reduced speed. Using Whirlwind slowly consumes its energy, which recovers while Whirlwind is not in use.


  • Unlocked: Level 29
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Description: Leap to a location, dealing 2604 damage to all nearby enemies when you land and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Each full life enemy struck by Leap will reduce Leap’s cooldown by 1 second.

  Wrath of the Berserker

  • Unlocked: Level 44
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Description: Enter a berserker rage that increases your attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 20% for 6.5 seconds.

Best Barbarian Leveling in Diablo Immortal

Leveling levels in Diablo Immortal is almost the same, no matter what class you play in.

Route #1: Quick Leveling

The objective of Leveling from 1-24 is mostly to unlock features like the Codex, the Battle Pass, the Mad King’s Breach dungeon, the Bounty Board, the Elder Rifts, and the Horadric Bestiary. In that order. These are the in-game features that give you loads of XP early on.

However, the most important feature to speed leveling is the Codex and the Battle Pass. These grant tons of Experience (to be referred throughout this guide as XP).

Always prioritize completing the Codex’s objectives listed in this guide (if you are able), before continuing the story quests; but do not claim the Codex points until level 17. This is when Battle Pass gets unlocked.

The reason is that claiming Codex points before level 17 will only give you XP and materials. If you wait until the Battle Pass feature is unlocked at level 17, then claiming the Codex points will also give you Battle Points. Battle Points are used to level up your Battle Pass Rank — granting additional XP bonuses, varying between 1228 – 1478 XP or higher per Rank.

In short, leveling is tied to gaming the Battle Pass by completing Codex and Activity objectives which grant Battle Points. Each Battle Pass rank requires between 40 -180 Battle Points as you climb through ranks. These way you gain XP bonuses that help you get quickly to level 60.Route #2: Slow leveling in favor of Paragon bonuses

On the other hand, if your goal is to maximize the amount of Paragon gained when Paragon is unlocked at higher levels, then the goal is to not claim any of the Codex objectives after completing them. Instead, once Paragon is unlocked, claim all the objectives at once to get the XP bonuses to increase your paragon level. The setback here is that the leveling from 1-60 is going to be at a slower pace.Note: The (1/x) next to each Zone Name (below: i.e. Wortham (1/3)) is in reference to how many Codex objectives per Zone you must complete to claim Codex Points and Battle Points.

Wortham (1/3)

Since you are not going to claim any of the Codex points until level 17, and you are going blind on what Codex objectives are to be completed, this guide is going to reveal what the objectives are.

Complete the level 1-10 quests in Wortham as normal. At the end of the questline, click the World Map item Deckard Cain placed on his table.After looting the World Map item, a cutscene with Deckard Cain (showing various zones of Sanctuary) plays onscreen. After the cutscene, you unlock several features at level 10:

  • World Map feature
  • Portal Scroll
  • The Codex
  • Shop
  • Friends List
  • Clan
  • Mailbox
  • First Kill of the Day

TIPS: As seen in the list of unlocked features, above, the Shop and the Codex are unlocked. For now, do not purchase the paid Battle Pass track when you unlock the Shop at level 10. Wait until level 17, when the Battle Pass is unlocked.

As soon as you unlock First Kill of the Day, kill something to get the loot of that day. Login each day and kill at least one mob to loot that bonus reward. Eventually, one of those days you are rewarded a Legendary Gem and a Legendary item (Helm), a blue ring, a yellow weapon and normal gems x 6. These daily rewards are random and reset each Monday at server time.These are the Wortham Codex objectives you must complete blindly until level 17. Do not claim Codex points until level 17.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Obtain 2 Magic Items​774 XP
2.Equip 2 Magic Items​774 XP
3.Talk to the Blacksmith​774 XP

Ashwold Cemetery (1/9)

In Wortham, Deckard Cain sends you to Ashwold Cemetery to secure the second Worldstone Shard from the hands of Lethes.

At level 12 you will unlock Equipment Upgrades. (This is unlocked after completing the objective “Return to Captain Azmir” in Guard Watch during the “The Handmaiden” quest. Equipment Upgrades is a feature found at the Blacksmith — used to upgrade your Legendary Item gear up to Rank 20. This feature is necessary to complete the Codex objective #3: “Upgrade 1 item to Rank 2.”

Complete all the Ashwold Cemetery story quests up to defeating Lethes. Doing this unlocks access to the Mad King’s Breach dungeon. Completing the dungeon quest objective unlocks access to Westmarch around level 17-20.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Learn the Location of Queen Asylla’s Handmaiden from Captain Azmir387 XP
2.Equip a Level 10 Rare Item.936 XP
3.Talk to the Blacksmith and Upgrade 1 Item to Rank 2936 XP
4.Dungeon: Complete Mad King’s Breach
5.Equip 2 Level 10 Rare Items1228 XP
6.Earn 40 Battle Points1415 XP
7.Reach Level 181415 XP XP

From the table above, you can obtain the level 10 Rare item from any Yellow Rare Elite. If you don’t find any Yellow Rare Elite, it is easy to force one to respawn. Choose a populated area in the Ossuary in Ashwold Cemetery. Kill all mobs in the Ossuary in a large area counter-clockwise. By the time you return where you started, there should be respawns. All mobs have a random chance to respawn as a Yellow Rare Elite. Clicking all shrines have a random chance to respawn as a Yellow Rare Elite, too.

The Gem Socketing feature is unlocked at level 15.

You unlock the Battle Pass feature at level 17. At that point, you can claim all of the level 1-17 Codex points. The Battle Pass will add Battle Points retroactively to those unclaimed Codex points. You can now open the Shop to purchase the paid Battle Pass track.

For leveling purposes, the best feature of the paid Battle Pass is the Bonus Seasonal Quests. You get extra daily quests in the Codex that reward Platinum, materials and more importantly for Leveling: these also reward Battle Points to level up your Battle Pass rank. In short, bonus Experience not available to the free Battle Pass track players.

Gear Rank Transfer is unlocked at level 19.
Legendary Gemcrafting and Leaderboards are unlocked at level 20.

These last features aren’t required yet, but good info to have at hand to plan your leveling strategy ahead.

Westmarch (1/18)

Access to the Westmarch Codex objectives is unlocked at level 17, which mean it is intended to enter Westmarch at that level. You can maybe skip killing some mobs in your journey up to this point in favor of speeding through the story quests to get to Westmarch early at level 17.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Follow Charsi to the Bounty Board
2.Complete 1 Challenge Rift​1478 XP
4.Upgrade 1 Item to Rank 3739​ XP
5.Earn 90 Battle Points​739 XP
6.Leave Westmarch for Dark Wood739 XP​
7.Deliver the Third Worldstone Shard to Cain then Speak to the Crest Merchant1945 XP​
8.Complete 1 Elder Rift Enhanced by a Legendary Crest1945 XP​
9.Socket 1 Legendary Gem1945 XP​
10.Complete 2 Elder Rifts modified with Crests1945 XP
Ati x 60
Tyr x 10
Gem Fragments x 5​
11.Craft a Legendary Gem1945 XP
12.Upgrade a Legendary Gem to Rank 21945 XP​
13.Earn 230 Battle Points1945 XP​
14.Reach Level 281945 XP​
15.Complete Challenge Rift Level 31945 XP​

When you first arrive to Westmarch, Piri sends you to talk to Charsi the Blacksmith. Charsi in turn sends you to talk with Deckard Cain. After this, Charsi will be waiting for you outside Deckard’s abode. She begins to tour you throughout Westmarch.At some point she will bring you to the Bounty Board to unlock the Codex objective #1 shown in the table above: “Follow Charsi to the Bounty Board.” Accept the first Bounty listed in the Bounty Board: “Opening the Way.” This Bounty is later found when we visit Dark Wood. That Bounty rewards 6,000 XP.Charsi will tour you to the location of the Challenge Rift. Enter the Challenge Rift and defeat the guardian. This completes Codex Objective #2. Head back to Charsi and upgrade your Rank 2 item to Rank 3 to complete the Codex Objective #3. This might probably be enough to claim 90 Battle Points. Make sure to open the Codex’s Guide tab to claim them.

Charsi will open a portal for you to enter the Dark Wood zone. The next Westmarch Codex objective #6 is cleared after completing all the Story quests in Dark Wood — which is pretty long. Continue the guide in the Dark Wood section below.

Dark Wood(1/7)

In Dark Wood, after you talk to Kashya, don’t go to the Rogue Encampment yet. Kill 60 Bloodsworn in the Blackstone Village to complete the Bounty you picked up earlier at the Bounty Board: “Opening the Way.”

When you are done with that Bounty, resume going to the Rogue Encampment and continue the Story quests until Akara unlocks the Horadric Bestiary for you. The Horadric Bestiary or Horadric Altar is another important source of XP for your Power Leveling. Before continuing the Story quests, at this point take the Waypoint back to Westmarch, and turn in the “Opening the Way” Bounty to earn 6,000 XP.

Turning in this Bounty is important because it is a requirement to unlock the Shassar Sea Codex Guide — giving you access to more Battle Point objectives which grant XP when you get to the next Battle Pass rank. Check the Bounty Board in Westmarch to see if there are more Bounties.

NoteYou get a total of 8 Daily Bounties. These reset every day at 2am Server time. If you don’t play a day, the Bounties stack up to a maximum of 24 Bounties.You might get now access to more Bounties in Dark Wood and Shassar Sea. You can now choose whether to continue the Dark Wood Story quests, or take a flexible path to power level via Bounties.

You can access Shassar Sea via the Westmarch docks as shown in the image below:

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Unlock the Horadric Bestiary1543 XP
2.Find the source of the Corruption in the Dark Wood​837 XP
3.Dungeon: Complete the Forgotten Tower​1809 XP
4.Equip a Level 20 Rare Item​938 XP
5.Earn 150 Battle Points​938 XP
6.Reach Level 26​938 XP
7.Complete the Story of Dark Wood​938 XP

How to farm XP after Level 24

Activities you can do at this point to power level by farming XP without taking the Story route:

Complete the 8 Daily Bounties

The Daily Bounties allow players to gain XP rewards: Approx. 6,000 – 79,000 XP each. Visit the Bounty Board in Westmarch by the Palace District.

Gaming the Blue Quests and Rare Elites Spinwheel for XP

As you complete each Bounty, kill any Blue Rare Elite or Yellow Rare Elite that appears in your mini-map. Or you can farm a small area like the Ossuary in Ashwold Cemetery; the Nesting Grounds in Dark Wood; or the Windswept Sands in Shassar Sea. These areas have the most mob spawns and Blue Quests concentration — ideal for farming XP. Here is an image illustrating how much XP you can get as reward by completing a single Blue Quest.

You can also force the respawn of Blue Quests. These share random respawn rotation with Treasure Chests and Shrines. Eventually, a Blue Quest spawns instead of a Treasure Chest or a Shrine. Purple Rare Elites are actually a variation of a Blue Quest without the blue exclamation mark in the mini-map.

The maps below mark the location of all Blue Quests, Treasure Chests, Shrines and Purple Rare Elites.

Nesting Grounds
(Dark Wood)

The Ossuary
(Ashwold Cemetery)

Windswept Sands
(Shassar Sea)

The Rare Elite trick: You can force Blue Rare Elites and Yellow Rare Elites to respawn by killing normal mobs around the area. Don’t forget to loot the three Experience Orbs from Rare Elites. Clear these areas clockwise. By the time you return to the initial spot, mobs have respawned. Mobs marked as yellow skull icons (in the image above) have a random respawn rotation and a % chance to respawn as:

  • Normal Mobs
  • Normal Mobs + Treasure Goblin
  • Normal Mobs + 2 Treasure Goblins
  • Blue Rare Elites x 3
  • Yellow Rare Elite
  • Orange Rare Elite

The Orange Rare Elite has a 50% chance to drop a Legendary Item. Tap them as fast as you can. If anyone else not in your group taps it, you can’t loot it. Request a group invite if someone else taps it.

Dungeon Spamming

Find a group willing to spam dungeons. Farm the Mad King’s Breach dungeon in Ashwold Cemetery. You are going to fill the XP bar in a short amount of time, and loot item upgrades as you power level through this activity. Continuously claim your Battle Points in the Codex: Activity tab to increase your Battle Pass Rank to level up your character faster with the bonus XP.

Always make sure to prioritize doing dungeons or activities that provide double Battle Points. That’s the perfect way to power level by gaming the Battle Pass Ranks for bonus experience. However, keep in mind there is a weekly Battle Point cap.

Elder Rift Spamming

If you need a change of scene, go to the Elder Rift in Westmarch and spam it. If you have Legendary Crests or Rare Crests, this may help you loot Legendary Gems. The Elder Rift is ideal for power leveling because it is filled with Blue Rare Elites and Yellow Rare Elites which drop 3 Experience Globes each.Tip: A very obscure and hidden feature – As soon as you can, beat Challenge Rift 11. Your loot in Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, Cycle of Strife activities and vendors increases to be equivalent to items found in the current game difficulty (i.e. Hell 2, Hell 3, Hell 4) after completing the appropriate Challenge Rift difficulty.

  • Challenge Rift Level 11 – Reaching Paragon 1 and completing this Challenge Rift will improve items acquired in Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife activities and from vendors to be equivalent to items found in Hell 1.
  • Challenge Rift Level 27 – Reaching Paragon 30 and completing this Challenge Rift will improve items acquired in Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife activities and from vendors to be equivalent to items found in Hell 2.
  • Challenge Rift Level 42 – Reaching Paragon 90 and completing this Challenge Rift will improve items acquired in Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife activities and from vendors to be equivalent to items found in Hell 3.
  • Challenge Rift Level 58 – Reaching Paragon 160 and completing this Challenge Rift will improve items acquired in Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife activities and from vendors to be equivalent to items found in Hell 4.

Horadric Altar – Bestiary

All mobs in the open world, Hidden Lairs and other places of Sanctuary have a random chance to drop a Monstrous Essence (an orange orb) on the ground. Loot it.

Once you have looted a stack of 10 Monstrous Essences, the quest tracker will light up below your character portrait to alert you to return to the Horadric Altar. The Horadric Altar is located in the main town of each zone, and by the Challenge Rift area in Westmarch. You will earn a large portion of XP — as seen in the image below. Click the image to enlarge it.

TIPDon’t forget to open the Codex: Activities tab to claim your Bestiary Battle Points (40 BP per turn in). You can turn in the Horadric Altar’s Monstrous Essences three times per day. That 3/3 counter will reset at 2:00am Server Time.

Battle Points – Bonus XP

In conclusion, all of these activities mentioned in the Power Leveling guide provide more XP than the Story mode — if you prefer to skip the story and come back at a later time. Or to combine Story and Activities. It is up to you.

Completing the different activities: Elder Rifts, Dungeon spamming, Daily Bounties, Horadric Altar (aka Bestiary), Legacy of the Horadrim — all of these provide Battle Points, which you may claim in the Codex: Activities tab.

When the Battle Pass receives up to 180 Battle Points, your character’s Battle Pass goes up a Rank. Each time you level up your Battle Pass’ Rank, you receive a massive XP bonus and other rewards. For context, I marked in the image below where the XP bar was at before turning in enough Battle Points to level up a Battle Pass Rank. Then marked where the XP Bar went to after turning in the Battle Points. It filled more than one third of the XP Bar; and almost half the XP bar.

The Battle Pass and claiming Battle Points for completing activities is the main source of Power Leveling up to Level 60 in Diablo Immortal.

Shassar Sea (1/9)

The Shassar Sea Codex Guide is unlocked after completing your first Bounty. Go to the Bounty Board to pick your Bounties, and complete one Bounty.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Complete Bounties​2085 XP
2.Socket 1 Normal Gem​2085 XP
3.Upgrade Normal Gem to Rank 2​2226 XP
4.Dungeon: Complete the Tomb of Fahir​2226 XP
5.Equip a Level 30 Rare Item​2370 XP
6.Earn 450 Battle Points​2370 XP
7.Reach Level 352370​ XP
8.Socket 2 Legendary Gems​2370 XP
9.Obtain 2 Recommended Build Items​2370 XP

Library of Zoltun Kulle (1/5)

The Library of Zoltun Kulle Codex Guide is unlocked at Level 35.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Dungeon: Complete Destruction’s End​9772 XP
2.Equip a Level 35 Rare Item​10065 XP
3.Complete Challenge Rift Level 5​10065 XP
4.Earn 750 Battle Points10657​ XP
5.Reach Level 40​10657 XP

Bilefen (1/6)

The Bilefen Codex Guide is unlocked at Level 40.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Dungeon: Complete Kikuras Rapids​28142 XP
2.Dungeon: Complete Temple of Namari​28142 XP
3.Equip a Level 40 Rare Item​28142 XP
4.Obtain 4 Recommended Build Items​28142 XP
5.Accumulate 1,110 Battle Points​30426 XP
6.Reach Level 45​30426 XP

Cycle of Strife – Level 43 (1/5)

Cycle of Strife Codex Guide unlocks at Completion of the Main Questline in Bilefen after the Temple of Namari quest. Talk to Sandro the Mouth in Port Justinian in Bilefen to loot the Timeworn Scroll that requests your presence at the Bilefen Arena.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Read the Timeworn Letter​93232 XP
2.Investigate the Ancient Arena in Bilefen​93232 XP
3.Reach Level 43​93232 XP
4.Read the Note in Your Pocket​93232 XP
5.Explore Westmarch and Learn about the Cycle of Strife93232 XP​

Mount Zavain(1/3)

Mount Zavain Codex Guide unlocks at Level 45.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Equip a Level 45 Rare Item​31972 XP
2.Obtain a Charm​32751 XP
3.Reach Level 50​33534 XP

Frozen Tundra (1/4)

The Frozen Tundra Codex Guide unlocks at Level 50.

Codex ObjectiveExperience
1.Dungeon: Complete Cavern of Echoes35909​ XP
2.Equip a Level 50 Rare Item​35909 XP
3.Accumulate 2730 Battle Points35909 XP​

Note:Hell 1 unlocks at level 55, Hell 2 unlocks at Paragon 30, and Hell 3 unlocks at Paragon 90.

Best Barbarian Gear Selection in Diablo Immortal

Gear selection is about finding the best stats for your class and build, understanding the best attributes, and looking for the best Legendary Powers. Understanding how all three work together will go a long way to helping you find the best equipment to succeed as a Barbarian.

Best Barbarian Stat Priority

In Diablo Immortal, you build five Stats on your character through gear selection. Your Stats determine your Combat Rating; the more Stat points you have on your gear, the higher your Combat Rating. You receive +1 Combat Rating for each point in the following stats. While three stats are the same for all classes, Strength gives +0.3 Damage to Melee classes, while Intelligence gives +0.3 damage to Caster classes.

For Barbarian, these are the most important stats, in order:


  • Each STR Point gives: +1 Combat Rating, +0.3 Damage
  • Notes: The Barbarian’s stat of choice is Strength. It adds the most damage per point and is the only stat that increases “raw damage” besides Combat Rating.


  • Each FOR Point gives: +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Armor, +0.1 Armor Penetration
  • Notes: While providing 1 Combat Rating per point, Fortitude also increases Armor and Armor Penetration, offering an additional amount of defense and offense at the same time – a great overall stat for any melee class.


  • Each VIT Point gives: +1 Combat Rating, +3 Life
  • Notes: Unlike squishy casters, Barbarians throw themselves into melee combat – and for that, they need to be tanky. Vitality increases Combat Rating as well as total Life, so try to find a balance between VIT and the other damage stats.


  • Each WIL Point gives: +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Potency, +0.1 Resistance
  • Notes: Willpower is more of a versatile, “nice-to-have” stat that adds your own and lowers the enemies’ resistances to negative effects.


  • Each INT Point gives: +1 Combat Rating
  • Notes: Intelligence is by far the worst stat for all non-magic users as it adds the least amount of damage per point and offers no additional utility.

Best Barbarian Magic Attributes

Magic Attributes are any properties on your gear that provide additional offensive or defensive benefits besides the five stats above. In general, you will be prioritizing important Stats first, but Barbarians will also want to focus on specific Magic Attributes as well. Some attributes such as Magic Find will be equally helpful to all classes.

  • All damage done increased by X%: The addition of flat damage benefits all classes across all archetypes and should always be a magical attribute to look for.
  • Base item damage increased by X%: Another flat damage modifier perfectly fit for Barbarians that scales with weapon damage.
  • Critical Hit Chance increased by X%: Thanks to the ticking damage of Whirlwind, Barbarians hit their targets very often in a short time frame. That is why critical hits apply more often on average compared to other classes, turning this into a high-priority attribute.
  • Critical Hit Damage increased by X%: Increasing Critical Hit Damage directly relates to Critical Hit Chance and basically “double-dips” – however, its scaling also quickly diminishes on higher ratings.
  • Life increased by X%: Equally to damage multipliers, flat bonuses like this one help a lot with survivability during leveling as well as in end-game content.
  • Movement Speed increased by X%: Movement speed results in survivability that particularly applies to Barbarians. Whirling in and out of enemy groups at higher speed will get you hit less by enemies and will increase your overall damage performance at the same time.

Best Barbarian Legendary Powers

Each class in Diablo Immortal has class-specific Legendary Powers that can appear on Legendary gear items. Since there are several Legendary Powers that can affect each of the Primary attacks and Skills, we’ve put the Legendary Powers into a separate guide for Barbarians, including an analysis of each Legendary Power’s utility. We have also written a guide on how to transfer Legendary Powers from one piece of Legendary Gear to another.

  • Barbarian Legendary Powers in Diablo Immortal 
  • Legendary Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

Best Barbarian Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gems can be obtained one of many different ways, and go a long way toward increasing your power in Diablo Immortal. These items can be socketed into Primary Gear slots (Main Hand, Offhand, Chest Armor, Helm, Shoulders, Pants), so you can equip up to six at once. These come in 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star varieties, with the 5-star gems being both the most rare and most powerful.

There are certain Legendary Gems that work better for some classes than for others due to their mix of attributes. A few of the best gems for Barbarian include:

  •  Seeping Bile – A legendary gem that has a chance to apply poisons doesn’t sound exactly like the Barbarian way – but it’s highly efficient thanks to  Whirlwind. Whirling in and out of enemy groups will apply the damage-over-time effect regularly, and will be one of the very few ways to deal non-melee damage.
  •  Blood-Soaked Jade – This gem increases not only our damage but also movement speed – the two stats Barbarians want more than anything.
  •  Phoenix Ashes – If unchanged, this gem will serve as a second Cheat Death besides our class ability  Undying Rage. Having not only one but two more lives to spend in a high-level Challenge Rift will make or break your run and also lets you take more risks chasing the leaderboards!

Best Barbarian Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Best Barbarian Paragon Points in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has five trees of Paragon Points, each opening at a different Paragon level. These contain a mix of Persistent Attributes which are always active on the character, as well as Specialization Skills that only apply when the tree is currently active. Only one Paragon Tree can be active at a time.


  • Available from Paragon Level: 1
  • Focus: Defensive bonuses such as Life, Armor, Resistance, etc.


  • Available from Paragon Level: 1
  • Focus: Offensive bonuses such as extra damage, armor penetration, and attack speed, as well as more inventory space.

Treasure Hunter

  • Available from Paragon Level: 50
  • Focus: Direct treasure find items such as greater item or gold drop rates, offensive abilities such as extra damage and armor penetration, and defensive traits such as resistances. Also can increase XP gained.


  • Available from Paragon Level: 100
  • Focus: A PvP specific tree granting extra life, resistance, damage, defense, as well as some PvP specific abilities such as Cheat Death and crowd control effect reduction.


  • Available from Paragon Level: 150
  • Focus: Focused on group bonuses, great for both PvE and PvP. Includes increases to armor, resistance, potency, and armor penetration, as well as specializations that reduce damage or increase healing/damage while near group members.

Choice of Paragon Trees doesn’t change a great deal from class to class, so we have created a single detailed list of all Paragon Trees, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Find out more in our guide:

Paragon Trees in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has a built-in feature on the main character screen called Recommended Builds that becomes active at level 32. By clicking the Helm icon on the lower left of the character screen, it will bring up a new interface, the Recommended Builds UI. Each of these includes:

  • Description of the build, followed by a demo video
  • Three core skills
  • 4 recommended Legendary items
  • 5 recommended Legendary gems
  • Recommended secondary gear set

The three Recommended Builds for the Barbarian are as follows:

  • Bladestorm (PvE): Revolves around heavy usage of  Whirlwind, one the staple Barbarian skills.
  • Charge (PvE): This build uses a ton of mobility including  Furious Charge to keep the enemy busy.
  • Strike First (PvP): Thanks to numerous crowd-control effects, this PvP loadout could turn any Barbarian into a threat in Battlegrounds and Open-World PvP.

For more information about these recommended builds for the Barbarian, including all the information listed above, please see our guide:

Barbarian Recommended Endgame Builds in Diablo Immortal


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