Darth Vader and Family Guy: Epic Games Accidentally Leaked Future Fortnite Skins

During the presentation of State of Unreal, at which Epic Games announced the release of Unreal Engine 5, the monitors of the developers with the Fortnite trailer got into the frame. At this moment, attentive viewers noticed the folders in which future collaborations are indicated.

On the second monitor, folders with “Family Guy”, Doom are visible, and the characters of Vader and Jones even have a period of appearance — the third season of the third chapter.

The folder named “C3S3_Vader” is shown together with various other potential eye-boggling references.

Also, for the second season of Fortnite, a skin codenamed ArmTease was noticed, but it is not yet known what this means. In December, the host of the XboxEra podcast announced that the Doom Executioner and other Bethesda heroes could be added to Fortnite. He did not name the exact dates, but noted that he had heard about the appearance of other heroes in the royal battle six months before the announcement.


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