Continuation of Prometheus

Continuation of Prometheus

The release date for Alien: Covenant has recently been revealed. Who does not know, the events from the movie Prometheus take place before the events of the movie “Alien”, which was released back in 1979. We can say that this was a prehistory, and they explained to us where these creatures came from.

As we’ve been told, the release date for Alien: Covenant will be – May 18, 2017.

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A very interesting plot, despite all the terrible scenes. A group of scientists, funded by an oligarch, are sent into deep space to explore the planet where it all began. This is the planet of an intelligent race from which humanity originated, in a word, the creators. Scientists wanted to find their gods and learn the secrets of the universe. Then it turned out that the appearance of people was a big mistake and the human race miraculously remained alive. At the end of the first part, everyone died, except for Elizabeth, who became the mother of an alien creature. Who watched the movie “Alien”, he knows what will happen in the second part.

Alien: Covenant

The directors probably decided to resume the old story and shoot it again. And it’s not strange because after so many years, progress did not stand still. In the new film, we will see more special effects and will be able to compare with his old copy.

Russian trailer “Alien: Covenant”


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