Challenge – the plot and date of the release of the film from space

Challenge – the plot and date of the release of the film from space

Two weeks of filming and more than a billion budget – this is not about a foreign blockbuster, but about an upcoming Russian full-length project. We discuss the premiere of the film “The Challenge”, find out what the money was spent on and tell you what day to expect the start of the show.

At some point, many forgot about filming in space, but the release date of the film “The Challenge” is already approaching, which means it’s time to remember the plot and wait April 12, 2023!

Why do we wait so long for doctors? They’re on an operation in space!

Challenge is a Russian drama about a cosmonaut named Oleg Ivanov. During the “foray” into space, the protagonist loses consciousness. It is not possible to bring him to his senses by improvised methods – man urgently needs medical attention.

It is clear that it will not be possible to promptly deliver the patient to Earth, so doctors prescribe a heart operation right on the ISS. Without intervention, Ivanov would die after returning from space.

Cardiac surgeon Evgenia is sent to this unusual challenge is an experienced doctor and mother of a teenager. Will the main character be able to balance between raising her daughter and a space operation?

Cinematography of Russia challenged space

I must say that the upcoming tape made a lot of noise – the peak of discussions came in 2021, when everyone was in a hurry to express their opinion. The reason for the increased attention is clear – decided not to use computer graphics for the filming of the film. “Challenge” was filmed in space, and this is the first project that was filmed on the ISS.

Interestingly, the audience did not appreciate such exploits of the filmmakers, and definitely disappointed the bosses – they hoped that “The Challenge” would become a hit even before the release. But instead of joy for such a zeal of the creators to shoot authentic scenes in space, the Russian audience brought down a ton of hate on the team. They were accused of wasting money – with less and just as realistic graphics could be used.

Even more annoyed the audience that the release date of the film “The Challenge” was not announced for a long time. It seemed that the money went nowhere, and the tape will not be released on the screens. Fortunately, this hypothesis was not confirmed and now you know when to watch the film in theaters.

Premiere of


The production process for The Defiance was intense, with the casting group receiving 3,000 entries for the titular role. After reviewing them all, 20-30 suitable candidates were selected, and as a result, they gave the role to Yulia Peresild.

The film was directed by Klim Shipenko, who lost 15 kilograms before the flight. On the ISS, he acted as director, cameraman, and make-up artist. A real cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov was invited to lead the ship. Involved in the release date and other astronautsfor example, Oleg Artemiev.

And although the creators caught a good portion of the negative, let’s not deny it – to fly into space and make a film, this is a real Challenge – we are waiting for the release date of the picture to find out what came of it. What do you think will the project be a breakthrough for Russian cinema? Or is it necessary to make a film on the moon to improve the reputation?



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