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Huawei introduced TalkBand B7 — a hybrid smart bracelet and Bluetooth headset

Yesterday, Huawei introduced a range of devices, including the Mate X3 foldable smartphone and the P60 series flagships, against which the announcement of the TalkBand B7 smart bracelet went almost unnoticed. However, the new version of the hybrid smart bracelet and mobile Bluetooth headset deserves attention. Image Source: The TalkBand B7 smart bracelet and 2-in-1 Bluetooth headset i...[Read More]

The global debut of Huawei Mate X3 and P60 series smartphones will take place on May 9 in Munich

It has been revealed that the Mate X3 foldable smartphone and the P60 series flagships unveiled yesterday by Huawei in China will be launched in Europe on May 9th. In honor of the launch of new products on the international market, the company will hold an event that day in Munich (Germany). Image Source: Although the invitation sent to the press only mentions the P60 Pro smartphone, ...[Read More]

Xiaomi faces record drop in revenue and profit by the end of 2022

Xiaomi today reported on the financial results of the fourth quarter of 2022 and, accordingly, of the entire last year as a whole. It turned out that in the last quarter of 2022, revenue and profit fell to record levels due to a market slowdown and outbreaks of COVID-19 in China. However, the picture at the end of the year was only slightly less gloomy. Image Source: Xiaomi Q4 revenue was about $9...[Read More]

Samsung unveils Galaxy F14 smartphone with 5nm processor and 6000 mAh battery for $160

The South Korean company Samsung has officially introduced the affordable smartphone Galaxy F14. It is built on the basis of the proprietary Exynos processor, has a large battery and will be available at retail for $160. Image Source: GSM Arena The Galaxy F14 is equipped with a 6.6-inch display. The PLS sensor provides support for 2408 × 1080 pixels (corresponding to FHD+ format) and a 90Hz refres...[Read More]

Samsung has lost the iPhone battle for young users — they do not like Android at all

Although Samsung has a strong lead in the budget smartphone market in many regions thanks to the Galaxy A series and others, things are not going so well for the Korean company in the flagship smartphone niche. Samsung still leads the Android marketflagships, but it is significantly inferior to its main competitor in the face of Apple, especially in Western countries. Here, Apple has firmly won th...[Read More]

Intel will finally get rid of the business of developing cellular modems — it did not bring profit

The deal with Apple to transfer Intel’s 5G modem assets to Apple in 2019 covered only smartphone solutions, so Intel retained the part of the business that was related to the creation of modems for stationary devices or mobile computers. Now the processor giant is ready to finally say goodbye to the remaining assets in this area. Image Source: Mediatek How did the editor find out? AnandTech ...[Read More]

popular Xiaomi models at a special price in Beeline

The Beeline company has launched a new offer «3 in 1: A set is more profitable than a smartphone.» Popular models of the Xiaomi brand are available for purchase in the online store and the operator’s sales offices, complete with accessories and bonus rubles that can be spent on communication services. The benefit from buying a kit will be from 2,500 to 4,000 rubles — as a res...[Read More]

Framework introduced modular laptops with Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Zen 4, as well as modular discrete graphics

Framework, which is trying to change the idea of ​​laptops, has announced new models with screens of 13 and 16 inches. The former is available on motherboards with 13th Gen Intel Core (Raptor Lake) and AMD Ryzen 7000 (Zen 4) processors and is available for pre-order now. The second, which will be released by the end of the year, will offer modular discrete graphics connectivity and other interesti...[Read More]

Up to 17% of cellular network subscribers in Russia are not people

Recently, more and more subscribers of Russian cellular networks are Internet of Things devices. According to Vedomosti, the number of “users” is growing in the country, which in fact are smart vacuum cleaners, barriers and other electronics. Today, already 14-17% of mobile subscribers are smart electronics, which require a permanent or periodic connection to the Network. Image source: jeferrb/pix...[Read More]

Arm hopes to significantly increase its revenues through the transition to a new licensing model

The British holding Arm, owned by the Japanese corporation SoftBank, hopes to go public this year, and therefore the plans nurtured by the management of the parent structure to change the business model may be aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Arm’s assets for investors. The developer of processor architectures wants to collect royalties not from each chip sold by customers, but to c...[Read More]

The European Commission approved the rules providing for mandatory maintainability and post-warranty repair of electronics up to 10 years after purchase

The European Commission has adopted a new set of rules related to the repair of electronics. In addition to the fact that manufacturers, among other things, will have to add smartphones and tablets to the list of devices with mandatory maintainability, other changes to European legislation are coming. In particular, the terms of mandatory post-warranty repairs can now be up to 10 years. Image Sour...[Read More]

Lenovo unveils Legion Slim gaming laptops with AI-cooled CPU and GPU

Lenovo introduced the updated gaming laptops Legion Slim 7 and Slim 7i, Legion Slim 5 and Slim 5i — this is the eighth generation of Legion Slim gaming laptops. The new products received the latest AMD and Intel processors, and also offer discrete GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards. Image Source: Lenovo Notebook models Legion Slim 7 and Legion Slim 7i are premium solutions from the manufac...[Read More]

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