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How to Reroll Dislyte Account

If you are new to Dislyte and are looking for a proper way to reroll your account and get the right Legendary Esper you want, follow our simple steps. Guaranteed Legendary Esper Pull To make the game easier, at the beginning of the game, new players have a 100% chance to pull out a Legendary Esper from a selected list. Currently, you can get either Li Ling or Tang Xuan from the Beginner Benefits l...[Read More]

How to complete every Friendship quest for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As players progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will unlock the Dazzle Beach biome and discover characters from The Little Mermaid. The protagonist of the movie, Ariel, plays an important role in the stories of both Prince Eric and the villain, Ursula. In the game, many of her quests are tied to these characters and thus require completion. Like every other Disney Dreamlight Valley char...[Read More]

How to perform a power shot in FIFA 23

EA Sports has made several new additions to FIFA 23’s gameplay, making it even more competitive and exciting to play. The company consistently makes updates and additions to the game to keep things fresh. The power shot is a new addition to FIFA 23. While it adds extra power to shooting, it also demands a greater degree of accuracy and precision. The mechanic has been well-received by t...[Read More]

All NBA 2K22 Badges

All 80 badges, available in NBA 2K22. The list of icons is divided into groups for convenience and includes a description for each. The importance of badges in NBA 2K is slowly rising with the number of talented players in the league and the rising number of skilled gamers, being an essential factor that separates the great players from the best. Badges have been in the game for the past few years...[Read More]

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