Bananas make games better. They upgraded CS:GO, Dota 2 and Elden Ring

Developers, please add more!

Meeting a banana in the game is a sign of good luck. Luckily, the fruit is found in casual action games, competitive shooters, and even upsetting Elden Ring bosses!

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Now on to the bananas!

Worms. The best bomb in the world

Worms fell in love with unusual weapons. To kill each other, the worms threw holy grenades, fought with clubs, launched an explosive lamb, and even staged Armageddon. But the banana bomb is the coolest of all: it is easy to find, and the damage is devastating. Just look what one explosion leads to!

Fortnite. Most recognizable skin

The authors of Fortnite love crossovers. Gamers played as Kratos, Spider-Man, Thanos and John Wick. That’s just the royal battle is associated with another character. Fortnite’s calling card is a cool banana in a business suit. And the fruit can also be dressed up as a Roman, a creepy skeleton, or even peeled off.

My Friend Pedro. The whole banana game

The banana deserves its own game. My Friend Pedro is a driving action game where a banana starts the plot, helps the main character and even blows the mind with an unexpected plot twist. The gameplay is also not far behind: shooting villains in slowmo, you will feel like John Wick!

CS:GO. The gun that is feared

The Five-SeveN pistol has a lot of cool skins. But it is the banana trunk that will show that you have good taste and outstanding craftsmanship. Seeing the fruit, the enemy will panic and shoot at the “milk”, and you will put a couple of headshots!

Dota 2. Demoralizing Bananas

When Monkey King was announced in Dota 2, bananas were falling from the trees. And having appeared in the game, the character laid out drawings of fruits on the ground.

Dota 2 also has a banana taunt. Any opponent will get nervous seeing this!

Elden Ring. Bananas will destroy any boss

While some gamers are dying from bosses even with a mouse and keyboard, others are collecting a gamepad from bananas. YouTuber SuperLouis64 made a controller out of 12 fruits and went to the Interearth. There were no problems: the gamer defeated the dragon Eghil, Godric the Hundred-Handed and other dangerous bosses.

* * *

What other games have you seen bananas in? Tell in the comments! And don’t forget about the free bet from Winline.


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