Babylon – plot and release date of the film

Babylon – plot and release date of the film

A knight’s move from movie bosses is when several actors beloved by the public meet at the same site. This will happen when the premiere of the film “Babylon” takes place. We tell you who the creators invited to the title roles and what the novelty will be about.

We have a lot to discuss, but first, let’s find out the exact release date of the Babylon movie, which is already scheduled for December 23, 2022.

The birth of Hollywood

Babylon is an American drama film. Events take us to the end of the 1920s. Cinema is developing by leaps and bounds – sound films appear and gain popularity, which opens up more opportunities for actors. And while old idols face an imminent career decline, fresh faces are trying to find a place in the world of cinematography. Viewers of “Babylon” will see how the careers of those who do not adapt to new circumstances collapse and what people are ready for for the sake of world fame. Ambitious and liberated, they break into our lives in the movie “Babylon”which will be released on December 25, 2022.

Babylon will take us back to the dawn of Hollywood

Interestingly, Damien Chazelle, the creator of the painting, had the idea of ​​creating it for many years. According to his own assurance, he first thought about this when he moved to Los Angeles – this was about 15 years ago. He decided he wanted to make an epic film that takes viewers back to the dawn of Hollywood. In addition to the long development of the idea, Babylon had a difficult time during the filming. It was originally planned that the show would begin filming in mid-2020 in California, but the pandemic ruined the bosses’ plans and they did not start preparing for the release date until the summer of 2021. Fortunately, the process was completed quickly – by October all the scenes were filmed, and The film has entered the post-production stage..

By the way, Emma Stone originally got the title role in the show – this happened at an early stage back in 2019. In 2020, there was news that the actress left Babylon, giving way to another actress. Fans of the change did not disappointbecause the new performer is no worse.

Babylon will take us back to the dawn of Hollywood

Cast members

We have already said a lot about the upcoming release date of the film “Babylon”, but we have not introduced you to the main cast. Fixing it! Emma Stone replaced by Margot Robbie, which, of course, pleased the fans of the girl. After the bosses made another statement – Brad Pitt became Robbie’s colleague on the site.

But the surprises of “Babylon” did not end there. Among the supporting actors found a lot of familiar faces. So, Olivia Wilde was invited to play in the project, as well as Max Minghell – the same one that plays Nick Blaine in the series The Handmaid’s Tale.

All the performers have played their roles and now Babylon has received a release date. It remains to wait for the start of the show and evaluate the work of the bosses who long 15 years preparing for the high point.



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