Apple wants to teach iPhone to read messages from iMessage with the voice of the sender

Apple wants to teach iPhone to read messages from iMessage with the voice of the sender

Apple’s new patent application describes a way to turn messages in iMessage into voice notes, and the recipient can choose how the message should be read — in the voice of Siri or the voice of the sender. To do this, each user will need to share a voice file with others, the data from which is then used by the iPhone to imitate the voice of the author of the message when it is voiced.

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Of course, Siri will now read the text message in iMessage using the «Read text message» command and then prompt you to dictate the answer. This feature is useful when driving or in other situations where it is difficult or impossible to read the message on the screen. Apple’s patent is a creative evolution of normal text messaging, taking the feature to a more «intimate» level by imitating the sender’s voice.

The new function is described in the patent in the standard indigestible official language for this category of documents. Here is a summary of the content of the patent in human language: when sending a message in iMessage, the user will be prompted to attach an audio file with a voice recording. The file is created automatically and stored on the phone. The recipient will have to confirm their consent to use the sender’s voice of the message. If answered positively, this message and any subsequent messages can be read in imitation of the sender’s voice.

The Apple patent also allows you to send a voice file separately, which makes it possible to do this in advance for selected contacts, in order to eliminate further delay when the message arrives. This is especially important in case of poor network coverage and slow data transfer.

As with all patents, there is no way to predict whether this feature will appear in new devices. But it can be assumed that such functionality may be attractive to many users of Apple smartphones.

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