Apple to Delay Augmented Reality Headset Debut Until June

Mark Gurman, who keeps abreast of events inside Apple, from the pages of Bloomberg once again announces the postponement of the formal debut of Apple’s first augmented reality device, which appears under the code designation N301. More recently, it was believed that it would be presented in April, and in June there would be a demonstration of the capabilities of the novelty. It is now clear that both phases of the announcement are consolidating in June.

  Device *** Quest 2. Image Source: ***

Meta device* Quest 2. Image Source: Meta*

According to the source, Apple came to this decision after recognizing the fact that the device had some software and hardware flaws that did not allow counting on the April announcement. This is not the first transfer in the history of the development of this device – not so long ago, Bloomberg expressed confidence that it would be presented sometime in January of this year, but this did not happen. Now the company will have to present the N301 in June at the WWDC developer conference, while preparing a demonstration of the device’s capabilities. It should go on sale before the end of this year, there are no changes in this part of the schedule yet.

Recall that an augmented reality device with an M2 processor, two displays with a resolution of 4K and a set of several cameras will be equipped with an external battery and will be offered at a price of about $3,000, and a more affordable version of the headset will not be released until next year. Apple has so far been forced to refrain from releasing the most lightweight augmented reality glasses without any remote units due to the lack of technologies that allow them to be created in the foreseeable future.

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