Apple management says it’s developing Mac with games in mind

Apple management says it’s developing Mac with games in mind

Apple VP of Platform Architecture Tim Millet and VP of Product Marketing Bob Borchers sat down for an interview with TechCrunch to discuss new technologies, the end of the Intel architecture, the future of Mac gaming, and more.

Apple M2 Max. Image source:

With the release of the new generation of processors, the company set a goal to produce products on the edge of technological capabilities and not be limited to a performance gain of a few percentage points with each new generation of chips. Apple isn’t manipulating metrics like 20 percent performance gains and trying to stretch them out over three years, Mr. Millett noted—historically, the industry hasn’t been used to that.

Top managers praised the collaboration with Intel and its readiness to meet the needs of Apple, but the transition to its own processors allowed the company to concentrate control over software and hardware resources in its hands — the close interaction of the two areas helps to concentrate efforts and do what «what matters» for Mac.

Apple is going to increase its presence in the gaming segment, and this desire is reflected in each release of the M-series chips. The company will develop hardware platforms with an eye on games, and work in this direction began several years ago when it made the choice in favor of its own processors. The company is going to significantly increase graphics performance across its entire line of computers, although not all developers have adapted to the new architecture yet — some, in particular, have never seen the 96 GB of graphics memory that is available on the M2‌ Max platform.

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