An enthusiast created an iPhone with Lightning connectors and USB Type-C

An enthusiast created an iPhone with Lightning connectors and USB Type-C

It is very likely that the iPhone 15 smartphones that Apple will officially introduce this fall will be equipped with a USB Type-C connector instead of Lightning for the first time. One of the YouTube bloggers decided not to wait for the release of new smartphones, creating his own version of the iPhone with two interfaces.

Image Source: YouTube

Previously, enthusiasts have repeatedly changed the Lightning connector to USB Type-C on the iPhone. The author of the new video took a different approach. Instead of swapping connectors, he added a USB Type-C to the right of the Lightning, with both interfaces still fully functional.

Users of the Reddit community drew attention to the video, one of which noted the advantages of this design. He stated that with a couple of connectors, you can simultaneously charge the device and use wired headphones. Recall that the headphone jack has not been used in the iPhone for many years.

Note that this year there is a high probability of an iPhone with a USB Type-C interface. This is due to the ongoing pressure from EU countries on smartphone manufacturers, who are required to equip their devices with a single charging connector. However, it is possible that Apple may try to get out of the situation with certified cables and accessories in order to keep the Lightning connector in the iPhone. What the manufacturer is actually preparing is still unknown.

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