All Hogwarts Legacy spells: there’s even an Avada Kedavra!

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Hogwarts Legacy – the big role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe – promises to bring magic to our lives on February 10th. Many of the spells from the non-Harry Potter adventure game are already known, thanks to tons of trailers and gameplay videos.

We collected all the Hogwarts Legacy spells that we managed to recognize – and remembered where they met in films and books. The list will be updated with the release of the game.

everyday magic

  • “Wingardium Leviosa” – levitation charms wizards practice every day. “Leviosa” became a meme thanks to a memorable scene at Hogwarts when Hermione taught Ron how to pronounce words correctly. And remember: Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, there must be a long “a” in the syllable “gar”.
  • “Incendio” – enchantment of ignition, magicians sometimes protect themselves from dangerous flora with their help. There was also an episode in The Half-Blood Prince where a Death Eater burned Hagrid’s hut to the ground with them.
  • “Reparo” are the restoration spells that every Muggle dreams of. In the films, we immediately get acquainted with “Reparo”: Hermione Granger, when meeting, fixes broken glasses for Harry Potter. In Fantastic Beasts, they restored the destroyed New York!
  • “Accio” – alluring charms adores Harry himself. Why carry a broom with you when there is Accio – just a couple of seconds and the right item will fly by itself! In Hogwarts Legacy, unfortunately, there will be no Quidditch, but you can fly on a broomstick around the castle.

  • “Lumos” – light spell will not allow the wizard to remain in complete darkness. The light is lit at the end of the magic wand – although here the Muggles have an analogue in the form of a flashlight. The heroes constantly used it in the dark, and once Dumbledore and Harry lit their way in the Crystal Cave while searching for a Horcrux.
  • “Diffindo” – the scissor spell replaces the Muggle scissors. True, they cut not only fabric, but also any inanimate objects. Let’s say Harry used it at the lake in Deathly Hallows to break the ice and pull out the Sword of Gryffindor. In the game, it will come in handy for opening secret passages.
  • “Descendo” – an enchantment that lowers objects. In Hogwarts Legacy, they will definitely come in handy to drop hanging lamps, dinosaur skeletons and other objects on the heads of enemies. In Deathly Hallows, there was a scene where Crabbe brought down a wall of rubbish on Ron in the Help Room.
  • “Alohomora” – unlocking charms, because the doors are not a hindrance to magicians. It was to them that Hermione opened the door to Fluffy at the end of Philosopher’s Stone. It is already known that in the game “Alohomora” will not automatically open doors. The enchantment activates a mini-game where you need to align the gears.
  • Deillumination Spell – a chameleon charm that makes you or an object completely indistinguishable from the environment. Not all magicians inherit the invisibility cloak, so you have to use charms. In Order of the Phoenix, for example, Moody used it on Harry to hide from the Death Eaters – and they successfully flew to 12 Grimmauld Place.

combat magic

  • “Expelliarmus” – the disarmament spell is very popular in the Wizarding world. Harry was a master – the Death Eaters were seriously afraid of his signature Expelliarmus! What characterizes the hero very much: the bespectacled man with a scar did not want to hurt and cripple enemies, his goal was simply to disarm the enemy.
  • “Oppugno” – light offensive spells, in which a lot of small items are sent to the enemy. In The Half-Blood Prince, an angry Hermione uses it on Ron. In Hogwarts Legacy, they can confuse enemies.
  • “Stunned” – a stunning spell, and a completely ordinary thing for battle mages (its improved version deals damage). The characters used it in the movie when they encountered a couple of Death Eaters in London after Bill and Fleur’s aborted wedding.
  • “Protego” – A shield enchantment that prevents enemy attacks from reaching their target. An improved version of the spell, when hit by a player, causes an explosion that destroys the enemy’s shields. If the enemies in Hogwarts Legacy are as stubborn as in The Witcher 3, then I’m afraid you will soon get tired of this spell. In the movies, we get to know them with Dumbledore’s Army when Harry teaches them how to protect themselves.
  • “Petrificus Totalus” – the curse of complete paralysis of the body. For the slain, this is an extremely unpleasant experience, because after it they can do anything with him. Imagine: you are frozen, you fall and hit the floor painfully, you can’t even move. This is what the brave Neville felt in his own way when he tried to prevent the trio from getting out of the Gryffindor common room in the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • “Bombard” – an enchantment that blows up an obstacle (for example, a wall). When upgraded, the spell creates a powerful explosion that covers a large area.
  • “Depulso” – knockback charms. The improved version knocks opponents away from the character.
  • “Confringo” – explosive spell. The upgraded version creates fire arrows on impact that stalk enemies.
  • “Glacius” – an enchantment that freezes the enemy. When the spell is upgraded, ice shards fly out of the wand.
  • dash – teleports a short distance. Used for dodging.
  • Transformation – turns enemies into objects that can explode.

Unforgivable spells

  • “Avada Kedavra” – A terrible combat magic that instantly kills an opponent. It only works if you have powerful magical abilities and sincerely wish the enemy to die. The spell has no counterspells, however, ingenuity sometimes helped to avoid it. Using a killing spell is punishable by life imprisonment in Azkaban. By the way, Harry is the only one who has experienced all three Unforgivable Curses. If this spell is upgraded in-game, then killing an enemy with Avada Kedavra will kill all cursed enemies.
  • “Cruciatus” – spell of unbearable pain. The Death Eaters adored him and made many people disabled. Neville Longbottom’s parents suffered precisely because of him: they lost their minds and are in St. Mungo’s Hospital. Hope you don’t fall for it. Empowered Spell: When attacking an enemy who is under the effect of Crucio, releases a projectile that also hits the nearest enemy.
  • “Imperius” – the spell forces a person to obey. For years, the Death Eaters used it for their dirty purposes: people fulfilled their whims, and the rest did not even know about it. Barty Crouch was under Imperius for most of Goblet of Fire. Enhanced Imperio Form: The afflicted enemy curses their targets with each successful hit.

dark arts

  • Blood Curse – When a player deals damage to one of the cursed targets, all other cursed enemies also receive it.
  • Deafening Curse – Similar to Stunned, but cursed enemies take increased damage.
  • Disarming Curse – Like Expelliarmus, but with increased damage.
  • Strike Curse – similar to Flipendo, but cursed enemies take increased damage.
  • Slow Curse – Similar to Arresto Momentum, but with increased damage.

New to the universe spells

  • A spell without a name – The protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy owns some kind of ancient magic, about which little is known so far. It is available only to the elite, and even Hogwarts professors do not really understand the hero’s abilities in the upcoming game. And yet, the lightning that sizzles enemies looks very impressive!

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