A Muddy Bizarre Adventure – Genshin Impact Event Guide: Pursina Spikes

A Muddy Bizarre Adventure Event is an event in Genshin Impact 2.7. Guide includes A Muddy Bizarre Adventure release date, how to unlock, walkthrough guide, pursina spikes, how to activate pursina spikes, all stages and rewards!

A Muddy Bizarre is a new Genshin Impact event that to be related with the mud substance under The Chasm & Pursina Spikes.

This is a combat test consisting of several stages. Below we talk about all the difficulties of protecting pursina spikes.

Table of Contents

A Muddy Bizarre Event Release Date

Coming Soon!

A Muddy Bizarre Event How To Unlock & Location

How To Unlock

This section will be updated once the event is officially released by Mihoyo. Check back again to get more updates!

Unlock Conditions


A Muddy Bizarre’s event location will start off at The Chasm Underground, thus we will update this section with the map and in-game locations once this event is officially released.

Map LocationIn Game Location

A Muddy Bizarre Event Walkthrough Chart

This walkthrough chart section will be updated once the event is officially released. Check back again to get more updates!

Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to Hosseini
2Start the challenge
Challenge Objectives:
2.1. ▼ Activate & Defend the Spike
2.2. ▼ Remove the Mud
2.3. ▼ Defeat all enemies
3.1. ▼ Transportation Test
3.2. ▼ Automated Charging
3.3. ▼ Circulation Theory
3.4. ▼ Emergency Escort
3.5. ▼ Continued Cleanup

Activate & Defend The Pursina Spikes

Activate the Pursina Spikes, and at the same time defend it from the enemies. This will help us defeat the nearby enemies and will also purify the surrounding while it recharges.

2.1. Get Rid Of The Dark Mud

Players must remove the mud in order to progress in the quest. Use the Lumenstone Adjuvant in order to remove the Dark Mud.

Defeat All Enemies

Once you have removed the dark mud, enemies will start to appear. Defeat the opponents within a time limit to complete the challenge.

Transportation Test

The dark mud oozing forth from the Ley Lines will buff nearby monsters, increasing their ATK and
DEF greatly. When these monsters are in areas covered by the dark mud, their abilities will be
further increased.

Monsters will attack the Pursina’s Spike constantly and the surrounding area will flood over with
dark mud. Clear the mud to weaken the creatures, and defeat them to prevent the Spike from
being damaged.

Automated Charging

The Pursina’s Spike will continuously purify the environment while charging up. The challenge is
considered a success once charging completes. The Pursina’s Spike will enter a faulty state for a
time if it is attacked, causing charging to temporarily stall.

Additionally, using Blooming Light while the Spike is operating normally will clear out nearby
Oozing Concretions, granting the Spike additional energy and speeding up the charging process.

Circulation Theory

As you defeat all opponents within the time limit, the Pursina’s Spike in operation will release
shockwaves at intervals that will deal DMG to opponents they hit and dispel the buffs that those
opponents possess.

The arena will constantly brim over with dark mud. Once this mud covers the Pursina’s Spike, it will
cause a fault that prevents the Spike from unleashing shockwaves. Use Blooming Light to destroy
Oozing Concretions to maintain the Spike’s operation such that it may continue to aid you.

Emergency Escort

Escort the hot air balloon to its destination to complete the challenge. When you encounter dark
mud or monsters along the way, the transportation process will stop. Clear them out as quickly as
possible to allow the balloon to reach its destination.

Continued Cleanup

Use the Pursina’s Spikes to destroy opponents and clear the dark mud within the time limit to
accrue score. Defeating certain stronger opponents will grant you more points than defeating
ordinary ones.

A Muddy Bizarre Event Rewards

Rewards List

Items– Primogems
– Mora
– Hero’s Wit
– Talent Level Up Materials


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