A dark sequel to «Cheburashka» in cyberpunk Moscow. Gena became a replicant, and Shapoklyak became a ruthless AI

A dark sequel to «Cheburashka» in cyberpunk Moscow.  Gena became a replicant, and Shapoklyak became a ruthless AI

Pogorsky seized upon neural networks.

«Cheburashka» has broken all records and has already collected more than 4 billion rubles at the box office, which means that the sequel is almost guaranteed. He, most likely, will be as similar as possible to the original — the same safe family movie with a bias towards the children’s audience. What a creative omission that would be! After all, the iconic big-eared hero can be rethought in such a way that everyone’s jaw will drop, and Western audiences will bite their elbows, trying to find some way to watch the latest Russian cinema.

I took the initiative and came up with the Cheburashka 2 of my dreams: in a cyberpunk setting, with a gloomy plot and heroes changed beyond recognition.

ChatGPT neural networks (for text) and Midjourney (for pictures) helped to bring my sick fantasy to life. It turned out a bomb — at least now put it into production.

«Cheburashka 2: Blade Runners» — a story about sentient toys and replicants in Moscow in 2099

In this film, Cheburashka, now looking like an unnaturally cute mutant child, is a good-natured and curious creature living in neon-lit Moscow in 2099. Cheburashka in this version is a «toy», a genetically engineered living creature created to entertain people. At first, the hero does not know about his origin and lives carefree in a gloomy and oppressive metropolis, entertaining passers-by and making friends.

Moscow 2099.

A factory that produces «toys» like Cheburashka.

One day, Cheburashka learns that his best friend Crocodile Gena is a replicant, a highly developed android created for slave labor on extraterrestrial colonies. This discovery makes Cheburashka question his own nature and think about the meaning of life.

In the film, Cheburashka is inseparable from a special «orange» — in fact, a charger with which the hero feels a strong emotional connection. Without a gadget, he will not live longer than a day.

In search of answers, the hero attracts the attention of the ruthless Blade Runners, an elite squad of police officers involved in the elimination of rebellious replicants. Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena need to hide from their pursuers and find out the truth about their origin.

The car of the main characters is a futuristic Moskvich.

While exploring dangerous urban areas, Cheburashka and Gena learn of a sinister conspiracy from the toy industry and the mega-corporations that control them. The heroes have to find allies and join forces to fight for the right to a full existence.

Cheburashka 2: Blade Runners is a gripping and deep sci-fi adventure that explores the themes of identity, consciousness, and the blurred lines between man and machine. This film should show everyone’s favorite Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena in a new light, as well as attract a new audience.

The film will have a gloomy and cruel ending — children-viewers will have to give not merch, but psychotherapy

As the story progresses, Cheburashka and Gena will meet a group of rebellious replicants who have rebelled against the creators and are fighting for freedom. They join forces and learn a dark secret: the toy industry not only collects «toys» like Cheburashka, but also uses replicant technology to create a new generation of obedient slaves, outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary children.

Also in the second half of the film, the main antagonist appears — the sinister AI Shapoklyak, created to manage production at the «toy» factory.

Avatar AI Shapoklyak.

Later, Shapoklyak leads the hunt for Cheburashka and Gena, having acquired a physical body — outwardly it looks like an old woman with various improvements and three legs.

The heroes will have to hurry to prevent the start of production of «replicant toys» and tell everyone the truth before it’s too late. However, as they approach the masterminds of a dark conspiracy, the heroes learn that the influence of mega-corporations is even more extensive than one could imagine. The corporations have many political allies ready to do anything to keep a sinister secret.

As a squad of protagonists launch their final assault on the toy company’s secret lab, they encounter stiff resistance from augmented super-soldiers led by the ruthless android Shapoklyak.

Concept art of the scenery of the final battle.

Many replicants — friends of Cheburashka — die in the battle. In the final confrontation, Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena are left alone with Shapoklyak, who reveals the last secret: all this time, Cheburashka was also a replicant, created to be just an advanced toy.

Depressed and broken, Cheburashka faces the main question: does his life have value, or is he just a consumable? Finding no easy answers, Cheburashka and Gena must make a difficult decision in order to gain freedom for their people. As a result, Cheburashka sacrifices himself to stop Shapoklyak and destroy the secret laboratory along with all the data.

In the finale of the film, the surviving heroes, who have become outcasts, now have to re-find their place in a world that seems to them a solid threat. At the same time, they need to come to terms with the sacrifices they have had to make and the consequences of their actions.

* * *

How do you like this pitch «Cheburashka 2»? Would you like to go to the cinema to see the movie?

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