8 decisions in The Witcher 3 that Geralt would never have made

8 decisions in The Witcher 3 that Geralt would never have made

Betrayal of friends and ridiculous murders.

The Witcher 3 is in many ways a canon game, and its protagonist Geralt is not much different from the book version. Alas, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes Geralt makes decisions that he would never have made in a book! I collected a selection of 8 of the most egregious cases.

Kills a doppler thief

Fulfilling the Elusive Thief order, Geralt finds the culprit of the thefts in the market. It turns out to be a doppler who steals food for elves and other non-humans living on the outskirts of Novigrad. The canonical Geralt releases the doppler under the ban on appearing in the city.

But the player has the choice to kill the poor fellow — and this does not correspond to the principles of the witcher. Geralt doesn’t kill for such petty offenses.

Doesn’t help kids in need

Walking through the forest in Velen, the witcher stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned hut, next to which a feral dog roams (the quest «People’s Best Friend»). After killing her, Geralt hears voices in the hut. Turns out there was a group of kids. They are hungry and ask for help. Their parents are either killed or abandoned, so the children are in a stalemate. Book Geralt helps them with food or a handful of coins.

However, the player has the choice to simply leave, wishing them luck. Cruel, considering 17 fried chickens and 72 baked potatoes in the bins!

Kills Keira Metz

Geralt helps Keira investigate the death of her friend Alexander on Kolomnitsa. But already in the next quest «For the Benefit of Science», Geralt realizes that Keira wants to use the scientist’s notes for personal gain — and tries to stop her. There are many options to choose from: for example, persuade her to go to Kaer Morhen or let her go to Radovid, which will end badly for her.

There is a third, absolutely ridiculous option. If Geralt asks for notes, a quarrel will break out between them, which will result in an open battle. Geralt kills Keira Metz because of some unfortunate notes! Complete nonsense, because after this even the closest people like Yennefer and Triss, Keira’s best friends, would not want to talk to him. Alas, in the game they do not even react to such a terrible act of a beloved man.

Renting the trader to the Witch Hunters

In the port of Novigrad, Geralt meets a merchant who sells magical and alchemical things from sorcerers (quest «The Mysterious Merchant»). Suddenly, a group of Witch Hunters passes nearby, and the merchant is cleverly washed off. Geralt deceives the people of Radovid, because he does not wish harm to the merchant, and snitching is simply not in his habits.

However, players are given a choice. If you tell the Hunters who you were talking to, they will give chase, catch the unfortunate one and burn him in public at the stake. Are you satisfied now?

Allows Dijkstra to kill friends

A line of tasks related to Radovid leads to the quest «Acts of State Importance». If Geralt agrees to participate in the assassination attempt, then Radovid will die at the hands of Philippa Eilhart, after which the conspirators meet in the theater. Dijkstra has his own plans: he wants to become Chancellor of Redania and continue the war with Nilfgaard, which is contrary to the wishes of the others. The cunning spy has surrounded the theater with his people, but gives Geralt the right to choose. The Witcher can simply leave and leave Vernon Roche, Bianca and Thaler to be torn to pieces.

Canonical Geralt would never leave his friends in trouble. He helps them in battle and kills Dijkstra, which affects the future of the world. If Geralt leaves, then his friends will die, Dijkstra will lead the army of Redania, and the war with Nilfgaard will continue.

Takes money for Ciri

Remember the quest «Landscape after the battle»? A huge multi-stage task that seems to never end. Almost in its finale, we bring Ciri to an audience with Emhyr, Emperor of Nilfgaard. Emhyr is pleased that we fulfilled his request, and orders us to be generously rewarded. Of course, the witcher of Sapkowski would not have taken the emperor’s money, especially in front of Ciri. He knows the character of the girl: she would take it as an insult and rejection of her.

But you can take money. The servant brings a heavy box of gold and slowly counts out what is due to Geralt, while Ciri stands behind and is immensely upset by your act.

Kills the troll

The quest «Darkest under the lantern» tells about the long search for Philippa Eilhart. In the dungeons, Geralt stumbles upon the troll Bart, who serves Dijkstra. But now Philippa had drugged him and ordered that no one should be allowed to follow her trail. If the player is in a hurry, they can simply kill the troll under the spell.

Something Geralt would never do. The Witcher considers trolls to be sentient creatures that do not harm others — which means they are harmless and do not deserve to die. In the case of Bart, the witcher cheated and deceived the troll: he lied that Philippa had a stomach ache, as if she had eaten a bunch of utopias and now she needed help! By the way, in the game, in addition to Bart, there are enough other trolls — do not touch them, but try to talk!

Kills an innocent person

One day, Geralt ends up in prison, where he has to wait a long time for trial. There he meets Simun Finch, who offers to help him get to court faster. Subsequently, Geralt meets Simun at large, who recalls the witcher’s duty, because help was not disinterested. Geralt is a man of his word, and comes to the appointed place, where he sees that Simun is quarreling with two men. A certain Volund says that Simun betrayed and killed his brother, and deserves death for this. Simun does not deny the accusations, but reminds the witcher that he promised to help and is obliged to keep his word.

Yes, the situation from the Unpaid Debt quest is complicated. But according to the canon, Geralt never killed innocent people and should hardly deviate from the principles in a particular case. The witcher is about to leave, and Simun attacks him in desperation — a big mistake. If Geralt kills Volund with a companion, Buttercup will describe the act in his diary as follows: «Sometimes, in order to maintain honor, you have to behave dishonorably.»

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