6 Hogwarts Legacy Tricks You Should Know Before Playing

Tips before going.

Hogwarts Legacy turns out to be a huge game where you can safely disappear for a hundred hours, flying around the castle or looking for manual pagesscattered at every turn. However, there are things that are highly desirable to know even before you start playing. I collected 6 tricks in Hogwarts Legacy that you should know before playing.

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Make a manual save before the allocation ceremony

Such a step will allow you to explore all the living rooms of Hogwarts and its inhabitants in just an hour – and choose the most suitable faculty in spirit! Not all gamers are Harry Potter fans and not everyone understands the differences between the faculties and which house is closer to them. Here you will find necessary information.

Preservation is best done in advance, somewhere in the halls of Gringotts. In addition, you can return to manual saving at the beginning of the game later if you still choose not “your” faculty.

Don’t expect everything at once

The game very slowly opens the doors for you and introduces you to the key mechanics. Although the trailers promised a visit to the Rescue Room and broom flying, this and much more will become available only after 5-10 or even 15 hours. It is important to understand this feature of Hogwarts Legacy and calmly delve into the beautiful magical world created by the authors of the game.

You can run Hogwarts Legacy in 30 hours, but why, when there are so many opportunities around?

Make Revelio a habit

Revelio’s Secret Reveal Spell plays a key role in finding collectibles, and consumables are much easier to find this way. The role-playing game is literally bursting with many chests, manual pages, secrets, and even banal ingredients needed to create potions. Finding all this with the naked eye is quite difficult, and why, when there is Revelio. The spell temporarily highlights all interesting items, after which you just need to approach them.

Get into the habit of shooting Revelio every time you come to an unfamiliar place. Most likely, here she has something to profit from and replenish her inventory.

Sell ​​unwanted equipment in Hogsmeade

Alas, at first the game limits us to only 20 equipment slots. And yes, 20 for all types of equipment: from robes to goggles. This soon becomes clearly not enough, but a way to increase the number of equipment slots (pass Merlin’s tests) will not appear immediately. To pass the tests, you need to reach a certain point in the story, but until this happens, sell all unnecessary things in the shops of Hogsmeade. Moreover, the game is very kind to us: each selected equipment will remain with us forever in the form of a skin. If you sell something, you only lose the characteristics of the item, but you can put it on again after (only with the parameters of active equipment).

As a reminder, you won’t be able to pick up new items if all of your equipment slots are full.

Use flying flames more often to move quickly

Developers have learned to save players time for a long time. In Hogwarts Legacy, the task is performed by a flying flame: points with it are scattered around the world. Unlocking such a point is very simple: run near it once and from then on you can travel through them in any order.

By opening the map, you can move to any open point with a flying flame. Just like transgression, but it’s not forbidden on the grounds of Hogwarts!

Complete tasks to unlock new spells

In addition to plot tasks and side effects, you should pay attention to completing the tasks of Hogwarts teachers. The thing is, they unlock new spells, which is great! Your magical arsenal is gradually replenished, you become more diverse on the battlefield, and magic will come in handy in everyday life.

Moreover, the tasks are completed quite quickly and do not require serious efforts.

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