6 cool games from the Winter Sale on Steam. You can buy them in Russia

6 cool games from the Winter Sale on Steam.  You can buy them in Russia

Time to shop.

On the evening of December 22, the Steam Winter Sale starts. Cyber ​​has selected 6 cool games that are worth the time and money, and they are also available for purchase in Russia and Belarus. The sale will last until January 5, 2023.

Ready or Not

Price without discount: 1299 rubles.

Discount price: 974 rubles.

If Rainbow Six: Siege seems simple to you, then take a look at the year-old project: Ready or Not. The tactical shooter is much closer to the old SWAT series — breaking doors, shouting to criminals, and firing live ammunition only as a last resort.

The game perfectly conveys the spirit of the police special forces. Mandatory briefing, preparation for the mission, selection of equipment — and only then the main part. Bots, on the other hand, will not let you get bored: they go around the flanks, pretend to be dead, hide in closets. Ready or Not is definitely not for everyone, but if you like complexity and teamwork, then you should take a closer look at it.

Metal: Hellsinger

Price without discount: 1050 rubles.

Discount price: 693 rubles.

Tired of Doom, but love metal music? In the fall, a project was released in which you need to wet the demons from the underworld to the beat. The rhythm shooter genre is booming, with BPM: Bullets Per Minute, Beat Hazard 2, AUDICA: Rhythm Shooter previously released, and it’s no surprise that major new releases are released every year.

Metal: Hellsinger, in addition to fun gameplay, also sells the names of musicians. The soundtrack features such legends as Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Bjorn Strid of Soilwork. Needless to say, the frontmen of Trivium, Dark Tranquility, Refused and Arch Enemy also fit in?

Dead Cells

Price without discount: 499 rubles.

Discount price: 249 rubles.

Since hardcore is back in trend, it would be a sin not to recommend an excellent mixture of bagel and metroidvania. Dead Cells refers to games that do not forgive mistakes. Died — returned to the very beginning. They died a dozen more times — they understood how to hit and dodge. Died a few hundred more times — and insight comes, how exactly you need to go through a particular bagel.

Your skills and experience are all you have. And also certain purchasing abilities that do not disappear after death. The level design is pleasing to the eye, despite the constantly changing locations. And the graphics, despite their simplicity, evoke special feelings.


Price without discount: 599 rubles.

Discount price: 149 rubles.

RTS are different. Here Frostpunk captures the setting: steampunk in Victorian England, cold to -150 degrees and managing the last city of mankind in cruel conditions.

The strategy skillfully takes on the hook. As a leader, you have to deal with very difficult and ambiguous dilemmas: people die, but their work is more important than individuals. The city is obliged to develop, but what will you invest in: research of the nearest regions or technologies of the future? Over time, Frostpunk even introduced an endless mode: for players who want to try an even more difficult game or, on the contrary, a more relaxed one.


Price without discount: 1599 rubles.

Discount price: 479 rubles.

One of the add-ons for Control reveals how Alan Wake is connected to her universe. Intrigued? So the game without Alan deserves praise! This is a hard-hitting psychological thriller that delivers a new experience.

Few protagonists can boast of the skills of telekinesis and levitation, and Jesse Fayden is just one of them. Once in the Bureau, she reveals paranormal powers in herself and fights with a mysterious entity. In addition to the boring gameplay, the Remedy project is just fun to explore locations.

Chivalry 2

Price without discount: 1199 rubles.

Discount price: 599 rubles.

Remember the epic battles from Troy and Alexander? Where people in the distant past fought to the death, but died in a split second of delay. In recent years, there have been attempts to recreate such epic battles in games, and the Chivalry series has become one of the flagships of the online slasher genre.

The sequel offers to take part in battle battles with 63 more players! Don’t limit yourself to the standard swordsman: there are several classes to choose from with unique abilities and weapons. And for fans of the Middle Ages, the game has several modes: from full-scale sieges of castles to fun indoor showdowns: with chairs and a bottle shard as a weapon.

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