5 good eFootball 2023 features missing from FIFA

5 good eFootball 2023 features missing from FIFA

Look out EA!

Last week, we broke down six eFootball bugs. Konami’s football sim seems to be hopeless, but even it has some nice touches that would come in handy in the new parts of FIFA.

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The main finding of eFootball is the mood. It changes player stats before each match

The dynamic mood is the only eFootball concept that still delights even months later. In FIFA, we click on the start windows and start the game quickly, but in Konami footsim, things are a little more interesting.

eFootball has a current update rating that shows a player’s current form, from A (excellent) to E (terrible). Moreover, mood arrows appear before each match. They give bonus stats, but sometimes kill players in the trash. And it’s a lot of fun!

In eFootball, players are manually upgraded. Teamwork Styles Lack Variation

Player leveling is an important feature of eFootball. Player stats are lowered in Dream Team online mode, but they are increased by experience points that accumulate in matches. This is convenient: the central midfielder can be converted into a defensive midfielder, and the striker into a finishing monster. Self-leveling of players gives the feeling of an individual gaming experience.

The chemistry style system in FIFA is too standardized. Each time, the performance improves the same way, and the players only care about the speed characteristics. Manual pumping is an interesting alternative.

In eFootball 2023, you can transfer control to AI. This feature will increase interest in Squad Battles in FIFA

You must have seen one of our simulations of European title matches. FIFA does not have a full-fledged AI vs. AI mode — single matches rescued, but PES has always been famous for playing bots. The simulation feature has remained in eFootball. If you enable this option in the settings, the AI ​​squad will play tournaments against bots for you. The game will allow you to make substitutions and change tactics during the match.

Why is it cool? Matches against bots have become boring for players, they often want to skip them. AI warfare is a local feature for a couple of matches, but it would help a lot to score points in the boring Squad Battles mode.

Universal play positions are a longstanding PES feature. FIFA 23 will take a step in that direction

Another feature of the Konami foot sim is the variable positions. In eFootball, the players got all the playing roles that they took to the field in reality. Full-backs move to the center, while forwards often go to the flank. In FUT, this is not possible without losing chemistry.

EA Sports will try to solve the problem already in FIFA 23. Players will receive several alternative positions that can be activated using special cards. Player versatility remains an unexpected eFootball exclusive.

The physics of players in eFootball is catchy. It’s time for EA Sports to «heavier» the gameplay

Game physics is a notable feature of the Konami series. The movements of the players in eFootball are overcomplicated and far from real football, but they retain the soulfulness from past PES games, which is sometimes lacking in FIFA. In EA footsim, players feel much worse.

Both games are moving towards balance. High pressing and fast attacks are an effective tactic in eFootball 2023, which was rare in past games in the series. EA Sports has enhanced the individuality of players with HyperMotion motion capture technology and slowed down the pace of matches — roundhouse passes in FIFA now often end in losses. The next step is to update the game physics.

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