5 FIFA 23 bugs that are ruining the game

EA fix it!

We recently discussed eFootball issues. After the release of FIFA 23, we found that it also had enough bad decisions: new mechanics do not work well, and old mistakes have not gone away. What aspects of EA Sports’ football sim need fixing?

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Long overclocking is better than the rest, but EA won’t admit it was a mistake

Boost types have become the most noticeable issue in FIFA 23. In the past, heavy players were unplayable, but now, due to an animation balancing bug, they have received a sharp boost and quickly became popular with fifers. Therefore, players dream of Holland, not Mbappe.

EA needs to acknowledge the mistake and rebalance the speed parameters. Agile sprinters with an explosive type must run away from rivals. Ramming forwards and powerful defenders can accelerate, but not with a slight delay, as now, but much later.

Developers misuse Moments. The regime lacks realistic situations

FUT 23 has a new mode called Moments. In it, players complete tasks in special scenarios that repeat football episodes of the past or set exciting challenges.

Unfortunately, in practice there are few interesting “Moments”. Seasonal missions of famous footballers revolve around ranked lineups, different types of shots or strokes, and weekly or basic ones are even more boring. Sometimes developers release unplayable combinations, like tackles, feints and special attacks in one (!) situation. The game of “Moments” has turned into a dull farm of stars for packs. World Cup 2022 is EA’s chance to rehabilitate the regime.

Alternative positions broke drafts

Alternate positions are a cool new feature in FIFA 23. Instead of mindless linear templates, cards have received additional positions from real life. Forwards have played on the flanks, full-backs easily move into the center, and some players have several positions across the field.

Sounds nice, but EA forgot about drafts. In this mode, the scheme is fixed, and the playing positions are limited to the base ones. Yes, you can put any player anywhere without losing stats, but he will lose even minimal upgrades. Unpleasant, especially if Pele falls out.

I assume that in EA Sports FC 24 additional positions will become passive, and their modifiers will disappear from the game. But drafts need to be fixed urgently with a patch: for example, by the principle of joint positions or by unlocking all the roles that are indicated on the cards.

Cannon Strike is useless. It’s only used out of boredom.

The cannon strike was shown in the gameplay trailer, and even then the first questions about the mechanics arose. How cheaty is a powerful strike with a few seconds of preparation? Will it make the game even more arcade-like than Timed Finishing? The disorienting approach of the screen was also embarrassing.

In fact, the cannon strike was useless. Firstly, it uses not the simplest combination of two bumpers and an impact button, besides, it is manually regulated by a movement stick. Secondly, it requires a lot of preparation, and in a competitive match, free zones appear extremely rarely. Finally, Power Shot has a beautiful animation, but its effectiveness is hardly superior to simpler alternatives. In other words, nobody needs it. Most players only use it to complete missions.

Laggy interface is an unpleasant feature of FIFA

Much of FIFA gameplay takes place off the pitch. Players shuffle lineups, collect SBCs, and trade on the transfer market, so not every game session ends in a match. The problem is that for many years the interface of the game lags. It runs at 30 fps and the FUT cards are directly connected to the servers and create additional stutters. Scrolling through players becomes a pain, which is why SBCs are often assembled in a web application.

The new part tightened the graphics, but did not solve the in-game problems. If you are unlucky with the connection, you will experience the whole palette of feelings on the way to the match. Due to the lack of dedicated servers, ping in FIFA 23 is even more unstable than before.


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