193 million crushed Necromorphs, 168 thousand deaths from asphyxia and other interesting player statistics in the Dead Space remake

The Xbox Achievements portal noticed that the publisher Electronic Arts and developers from its studio EA Motive uncovered statistics of players in the remake of the space horror Dead Space for the first three weeks from the release.

  Image Source: Steam (Sonien)

Image Source: Steam (Sonien)

As it became known, the most popular weapon among gamers was a plasma cutter. Most often, Necromorphs were cut off legs (187 million times), arms (136 million) and tentacles (81 million), and stasis module was used against them 61,672,091 times.

In three weeks, in total, the players died in the remake 7,516,573 times: 87,655 kills were made by the hunter (in the screenshot above), and another 168,872 deaths were due to asphyxia. The most dangerous Necromorph was the Dismantler.

Other interesting indicators:

  • Users crushed 193,503,788 enemies to get a reward;
  • 171,362 players earned the “Z-Ballist” achievement;
  • less than a quarter of buyers completed new side tasks – Premeditated Malpractice (20.73%), Scientific Methods (also 20.73%) and You Are Not Authorized (19.18%);
  • less than a quarter (22.96%) of gamers found Peng;
  • The most popular upgrades were increased capacity (weapon) and health (suit).

The Dead Space Remake debuted on January 27 on PC (Steam, EA App, EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. In addition to new side missions, the reimagining introduces a secret ending only available in New Game+.

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