19 of the best quotes and dialogue from The Last of Us

19 of the best quotes and dialogue from The Last of Us

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The Last of Us is one of the best games ever, and it’s full of great quotes and dialogue. Here are 19 of my favorites. If I missed something, remind me in the comments!

1. Joel never gives up:

I could not immediately accept that I survived. And… you just have to… you have to go forward, look for something to fight for…

— Joel

2. Sam, 12, and Ellie, 14, share their fears:

How are you not afraid of anything?

— Who told you?

— What are you afraid of?

— For example … For example, scorpions. Uh… Loneliness. I’m afraid to be alone. Well, what about you?

All these creatures. What if there are people inside? Prisoners in a body that no longer obeys them? Will this happen to me?

3. Ellie never ceases to be amazed by people:

People tell jokes about the apocalypse as if there is no future…

— Ellie

4. Ellie’s ignorance of civilian life and Joel’s humor collide:

Did everyone have ships before?

— Yes, I have a private yacht.

— Is it true?

— No.

— Oooh, sarcasm! Already progress…

5. Love lives even in the world of the zombie apocalypse:

There are a hundred reasons why we might not live to see today. And another hundred, according to which we may not live to see tomorrow. But we fight for every second that we can spend together. Let just two minutes… Or two days… They are priceless.

— Riley

6. A chuckle won’t hurt any game:

“Oh, but your Billy will definitely have enough of this by the night. There is nothing to read, but the pictures are entertaining.

Ellie, this is not for children.

— Wow! How… How does he even walk around with that thing between his legs!?

— Throw it away now. I…

— No, wait. I wonder what all the fuss is about. Oops, the pages are stuck together…

— Eh…

— Yes, I’m over you joking!

7. Bill is too small, but he managed to give out the base:

Well, these creatures are certainly vile, but you know what to expect from them. Ordinary people are much scarier.

— Bill

8. When there are only zombies and worse people around, there are few choices:

— And what should we do?

— Well, fight back.

— There are other options?

— Take a breath.

9. When Riley and Ellie were bitten, the first did not yet know the whole truth:

Let’s just wait. We’ll go crazy together, it’s so romantic…

— Riley

10. Ellie is surprised at the way of life in a world without clickers and runners:

— So, people lived here and just studied? Even if they are adults?

— Yes, they studied, had fun, searched for themselves. Decide what they want to do in life.

What do they want to do in life…

11. Joel’s brother, Tommy, is also not a bastard:

You can’t run from the past, you can’t hide. It will overtake in any case, because it is a part of you…

— Tommy

12. Joel seems to have fenced himself with a stone wall, and it is extremely difficult to break through to him:

How did I blow his brains out, huh?

— Yes, that’s for sure. Good thing you didn’t shoot me in the head, you damn brat. He said don’t go.

“You know what, Joel? I would say: “Ellie, I know that it’s not easy for you, but you did it. You saved my life.»

13. Joel’s daughter, 12-year-old Sarah, has a good sense of humor:

Dope. I traded nonsense.


14. Insanely emotional scene, and how great that Joel changed his mind:

— I’m not her.

— What?

Maria told me about Sarah. And I…

— Ellie! You are now treading on very thin ice.

“I feel sorry for your daughter, Joel. I know the pain of loss.

You have no idea what loss is!

“Everyone I cared about has either died or gone. Threw! Everyone except you! So don’t tell me I’ll be better off with Tommy. With him, I will be even more scared!

— You’re right. You are not my daughter, and I am not your daddy. This is where our paths diverge.

15. Tommy and Joel had a special relationship:

So was it a concern? Yes, I’m scared to remember the years with you … I’d rather die.

— Tommy

16. The hero tried to dissuade Ellie, but the girl wants to help the «Cicadas» and humanity:

We can refuse. Do you understand that?

— What are the options?

Let’s get back to Tommy. And… Let’s just forget about all this crap.

— After what happened? I can’t quit everything. Listen… You want the best, but there’s nowhere to go. We’re done — we’ll go where you say. OK?

“I won’t leave without you anyway. So that’s enough already.

17. Joel is so funny pissed off:

Yes, you are a young genius! And how did I not guess that you can fix these machines?

— Joel

18. Ellie Vs Thin:

— How skinny she is! There used to be a lot of food.

— Well, yes, but some tried not to eat.

— Why?

— For beauty.

— Pfft, idiotic.

19. By the end of the game, Ellie was infected with the spirit of the winner:

We will survive in spite of the universe. Don’t break us.

— Ellie

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