17 minutes of post-apocalyptic tactics Miasma Chronicles from the authors of Mutant Year Zero

17 minutes of post-apocalyptic tactics Miasma Chronicles from the authors of Mutant Year Zero

Publisher 505 Games and The Bearded Ladies (Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden) have published a 17-minute walkthrough of the tactical adventure Miasma Chronicles.

Image Source: 505 Games

The video shows an excerpt from the beginning of the game: difficulty selection, introductory video, first locations, tutorial battle and meeting with the mayor of the city. The developers warned that the fragment was recorded in the alpha version and something might change by the final release. Soon they promised to present another record.

Miasma Chronicles is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the USA in the near future. America is destroyed — reads the description. — Ties are severed, families are torn apart, all because of a terrifying force called the Miasma. Now the whole world is a continuous open wound, and its inhabitants are ready for anything to survive in the new reality.

Players will assume the role of Elvis. The hero grew up in the mining town of Sedentary under the care of his robotic nanny Diggs, whom he calls his big brother. Before leaving, the mother gave the protagonist a mechanical glove, which, as it turns out later, allows you to control the Miasma. Together with «brother» Elvis will go on a journey through the apocalyptic wasteland to get answers to all questions. What he learns could change the fate of humanity forever.

Like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, the new game combines real-time location exploration with tactical turn-based combat and role-playing elements. The authors promise a beautiful well-designed environment, quirky characters, an exciting story and a system for improving weapons and abilities. «A wonderful tactical adventure that you will definitely remember»is how the press release describes the game.

Miasma Chronicles was announced in May 2022. In August, the creators released a trailer dedicated to the characters. In it, viewers were introduced to the mercenary Jade (Jade) and the said mayor of Stagnant Town — Jay Mason (J Mason). At the end of last month, the studio shared new screenshots and concept art.

Miasma Chronicles will be released in 2023 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Text translation into Russian announced.

In a review for 3DNews, Denis Shchennikov rated Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, released in 2018, at 6.5 out of 10 points, noting routine gameplay and a lack of tactical options. However, Steam users were satisfied with the game: its rating on the site is 90% (more than 11.6 thousand reviews in total).

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