14 minutes of retro-horror Echoes of the Living inspired by classic Resident Evil games

Developers from the independent studio MoonGlint have published on the official YouTube channel of the IGN publication a gameplay video of Echoes of the Living, a dark horror inspired by the classics of the genre of the end of the last century.

  Image Source: MoonGlint

Image Source: MoonGlint

Echoes of the Living is a horror game with elements of survival, which, both in appearance and in its structure, is similar to the first numbered Resident Evil and not only. All the recognizable attributes of the projects of those times are available: fixed camera angles, limited inventory, solving intricate puzzles, a save system with special rooms and objects.

The authors of Echoes of the Living decided not to limit themselves to just quoting the classics, so there is also a place for modern design finds and tricks in the game. For example, we will be allowed to upgrade the weapons and equipment of the protagonist in accordance with the desired style of passage.

Echoes of the Living takes place in a quiet small town located in northern Europe. The ominous fog that shrouded this place turned living people into zombies, and two heroes will have to figure everything out – Liam and Laurel are stuck in “hell on earth”into which the city has become. They must work together to understand the causes of the ongoing horror and get out of the city alive.

The release of the horror Echoes of the Living is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023 on PC (Steam, demo available).

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